Thursday, December 4, 2008


I am having some difficulty with my paper, there is plenty of information available to me, but I am unsure how to incorporate it into the paper. I have written over the topic of causes, I have mentioned many different types of arsonists. What can be done for these arsonists has also been mentioned, I gave a paragraph about prevention and what programs are available to help prevent a child or adult from becoming an arson. I have written about the psychological aspect of arson and also on Firefighter arson. I am still only about four pages into my paper and I am struggling to come up with four more pages worth of information that I can present and then give my opinion on.

Another struggle for my is my works cited page, I believe I am doing it correctly, but I am still unsure about some of them. I have the required amount of sources both "dead tree" an on-line. It is my belief that I will be able to pull this paper together, it may take some dedication and motivation. but I believe it is possible.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


While I was continuing to write my research paper, it crossed my mind that I really did not know when arson had started being investigate. I tried looking up when the first recorded case of arson was, but with no success, what little information I found suggested that arson is a fairly young criminal act, and since very few arsonists are ever caught there is not a whole lot of information on said cases.

Arson history may not be very detailed, but arson has excited throughout the centuries in fact I remembered that in fact one of the worse supposed cases of arson a cured as far back as 64AD when the Roman Emperor Nero was said to have intentional set fire to Rome so that he could build a more beautiful Rome. I have yet to complete the search throughout history on some of the other cases of supposed arson, but I believe that I will continue to find more and more cases of arson as I go.