Sunday, November 30, 2008


I have gone back and look at my two page rough draft of my research paper. I have come to the conclusion that while arson is a subject that just about everyone knows something or other about, there are many details that are not common knowledge. While starting to write this paper I had some difficulty making my paper sound like a persuasive paper instead of a research paper. There is lots of information that a reader should know when learning about arson, and in my case having chosen to write about treatments for arsonists it is doubly important to out line the different causes of arson. However, while doing this I am constantly struggle to stay on track and not wonder into subject matter that is not relevant to my work.

The research has been hard, and the writing even harder for this paper. However, I have enjoyed the learning and hopefully I will be able to convey my enthusiasm for the topic into my research paper.

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